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Confessions of a middle school idiot

It’s confession time. Confession #1: I love Bethenny Frankel. I admit I faithfully watched all the Real Housewives of New York and continue to watch every other show she is featured on the Bravo Network. So, when I found out she was speaking at a women’s expo in my town, I didn’t hesitate to purchase tickets. I love her frank nature and tell-it-like-it-is personality. After seeing her speak in person, I have even more respect for her than before. She spoke mostly from the point of view of her recent book “A Place of Yes.” In her talk, she mentioned how as women we hear the word “No” many times in business and in life. She talked about the recent sale of her alcohol line and how she heard “No” multiples times just getting the business started. Bethenny said women who want to be in business can’t take no for an answer and must keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward.

This brings me to my second confession: I was in a remedial English class in middle school. I was the only girl in a class full of  rowdy boys and thought I was an idiot because I wasn’t in a “normal” course with the rest of my friends. Fast forward many years later, I now have a degree in communications and even minored in journalism. I love writing and consider it one of my strong suits. Had I let other people tell me I couldn’t write or wasn’t good at writing, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Studying communications and media opened my interest in design and lead me to now studying graphic design.

After listening to Bethenny speak, I thought about all the times I’ve let the word no slip in my brain and let it effect my course of action. There have been times when I refused to let no direct my path, but there have also been times when the self-doubt heard “No” and I went running in the opposite direction. So, like Bethenny, from here I will be coming from a place of yes. Who would have thought one could learn life lessons from a reality television star?

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I'm an author! (well, self-published)

My book - Out of the Game

Out of the Game

This project was daunting and exciting all at the same time. When we were first instructed to think of a topic we wanted to write about, I was at a loss. I wanted the topic to be something personal and meaningful so I would be able to put some passion behind it. Then the idea of writing about my leg injury came to mind. I’ve always wanted to write about it as a means of catharsis and have started drafts here and there, but never had a driving force to ever finish anything. Well, here was my driving force.

I began with some research of other sports based books, books written by professional athletes and biographies of athletes. They all seemed very male oriented, either by topic and/or design. I wanted my book to still have a feminine feel to it. While I do like to participate in outdoor and sporting events, I am still very girlie by nature. I wanted my book to reflect that aspect of my personality. But I was at a loss as to how to combine the athletic aspect of the content with a still feminine feel of the design. So, I researched baseball in the 1940s and wartime. This was a period in history where because many men were serving in war, women took the place in several professional baseball leagues. Once I had this inspiration in mind, the marriage between femininity and sports was seamless.

In addition to the feminine feel of the book, I wanted to display a rugged, dusty, outdoorsy feel as well. That is what I often think of when I think of softball or baseball. I wanted all the images to have a rustic and somewhat antique feel to them, so I explored with duotones and different hues to coordinate with my color palette. I had never used duotones before this project, so it was exciting to explore this new (to me at least) treatment.

This project had a large focus of file set up and practices. In addition to the creative process, we were also being graded on our file. We spent much time learning the ins and outs of paragraph, character, table and cell styles. I can honestly say paragraph styles saved me on this project. Because of some pdf formatting issues, I had to choose an alternative typeface for my entire book at the last minute (it was the main header typeface). Because I set up proper character styles, this was not an extremely large task. I also made sure to get my book to the printer two days before our actual due date to leave me some time in case any major catastrophes happened. Because Murphy’s Law is anything crazy that can happen, will happen. And they did with my project. I was all worth it to finally have my pdf accepted and book ordered. I’ve never been more proud of an order confirmation than this book.

Book printed with Blurb

Title page

an inside spread

full image spread

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