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Wedding Fever

My wedding dress. Photo by Nicole Cottom.

Confession: I love weddings. And I pretty much had my wedding planned before I ever met my husband. Yes, I am one of those girls who had been dreaming of her wedding since she was 15. So, it should come as no surprise that wedding blogs and magazines are consistently at the top of my daily inspiration list.

Most weddings mean big money and the wedding industry generates much income for our economy. Brides and grooms pay top dollar to have the best and most original items and themes at their weddings, so trends are always emerging from the wedding industry. As a designer, this can be a cue into some fresh ideas and in the very least knowing what trends are coming and going.

When my professional practices class discussed mood/inspiration boards, I was the only one who had used a mood board outside of class…it was for my wedding. I love to follow the inspiration boards on the blog Snippet & Ink. Every bride and groom have different personalities, so every wedding is going to have a different feeling and mood. Check out Snippet & Ink’s recent inspiration boards to compare the feelings of each.

I keep trying to convince my husband we should renew our vows every year so I can plan different receptions every year. But, until I come up with a convincing argument, I will just peruse beautiful weddings online and take a little inspiration for my design work.

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