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Where have I been?

If you are a regular follower of this blog (Hi, Mom and Dad!) then you may be wondering why I haven’t posted in a few weeks. That’s because I’ve been blogging on our class CreateAthon blog. What is CreateAthon you ask? Stop over to our blog and you can read all about what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks and why I went about 30 hours without sleep.

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Our professional practices class watched Waiting for Superman last week during class. This movie was similar to The Lottery, but for me had a much different reaction to Waiting. When we watched The Lottery, I was sad for the kids in film waiting to hear if they had won their charter school lottery in hopes for a chance at a better education. While viewing Waiting for Superman, I felt more angry. Angry about the statistics given about graduation rates, angry about the low number of poorly performing tenured teachers being fired, and just overall frustration about the education system in our country as a whole.

But then my next thought was how lucky I’ve been that I never became one of those statistics. I attended public school in northern Indiana and went to a district that was considered one of the top in the state. I was involved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities that enriched my high school experience and made me a well-rounded student. My parents pushed me to be the best student I could. Not attending college was not an option. Neither of my parents went to college, so they knew the importance of having a college degree and a career instead of merely having a job. I remember when I was a teenager my mother telling me I needed to get a degree before getting married, and that if I were to get married before graduating, my parents wouldn’t pay for the wedding or the rest of my education. It’s sort of a funny “threat” now, but my parents just wanted me to be educated and independent.

I was blessed to live in a great neighborhood with good schools. I am blessed to be able to attend college and am working on Bachelor’s degree number two now. I am blessed to have parents that stopped at nothing to give me a good education and a good base for being a successful and independent woman. But I know not everyone has had the same fortune as I’ve had. This is where I feel my responsibility lies…to help those who haven’t had the same fortune. I don’t always understand why some people are given the upper hand and others are given the short end of the stick, but my goal is to help level out that uneven playing field.


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Ms. to Mrs.

About a month ago, Dawn Roush became Dawn Pfeiffer. Yes, folks, I got married! I am one of those girls who has been planning her wedding since she was 15. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was really everything I had dreamed of. I love the colors in nature, especially fall colors, so fall was the perfect inspiration for my wedding. How can you not be inspired by these colors?


Bridesmaid's bouquet

I have to brag a little on my florist. He has talented and a vision that is beyond most. He also happens to be a very dear friend’s father, so it was a pleasure for him to style my day!

Since I am a graphic design student, invitations were extremely important to me. The traditional pearl boarder and script typeface didn’t interest me. I wanted something fresh and modern, yet still had elements of nature and an organic feel. I contemplated designing my own invitations until I came across this invitation and knew it was perfect. It set the tone for my fall orchard theme.

The programs were a task I felt I could handle myself. My disclaimer is that I am only a graphic design student, so it’s not the most amazing work in the world, but it fit with my contemporary nature feel.


Here are a couple more photos my aunt took from the day.

IMG_2291 IMG_2284

This photo was taken by the AMAZINGLY talented Michigan photographer Nicole Cottom


Photography by Nicole Cottom