Design Style: Girl’s Girl

I picked up my cap and gown about a week ago. Graduation just became real. We’ve been having tons of conversations in class about branding, what kinds of work we want to do after graduation, who we want to work for, and who we want to ultimately be. These are huge life questions that don’t always have easy answers.

I am a girly girl and my design style usually sways on that side. I love a nice stationery set or pretty gift wrap (seriously, I buy gift bags with no intention to use them for gifts). I am aware that I tend to gravitate towards girly designs, but have never thought I could really make a career out of my love of all things pretty and girly. Until I realized that I would be happiest designing girly things, I sort of sequestered my girly nature. In the back of my mind, I would always think What if an employer thinks I can’t design for a male-oriented client? But would I be happy designing manly trucks and beer? Probably not.

There are plenty of designers who have embraced a feminine style of design (Jessica Hische and Joy Cho are a couple of my faves). Not only do these designers not shy away from feminine designs, they actually have made successful brands and identities embracing it. They also have translated their styles beyond products and brands driven towards women. These two designers offer daily inspiration for my design style and I hope to follow in their shoes.


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