Design meets science

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After finishing our first website design project from scratch, there were obviously many questions from the class as a whole. There were several common questions and errors within the class, so we broke into groups and were each assigned a topic area. Our group was assigned defining the “cascading” in CSS and what and how that related to inheritance of styles.

In our initial research, each definition we found lead to more terms needing defined. So we began with a term list and set out to define some of those common terms. We also needed to come up with a short exercise for the class to help understand the terms, so we created a few questions of inheritance as it relates to human genes and blue eyes. Of course it related back to web media and we made a funny example of real life situations. A mom and dad both have blue eyes, but want their baby to have brown eyes  and can do so with a little genetic engineering. It’s all very sci-fi.

Agent = browser = god, or leaving your styling up to the browser’s default styling

Aurthor = designer = mom, or creating your own styles

User = website user = science, or someone else implementing their style on your site (mostly for accessibility purposes)

See, those high school science classes really will be useful in real life.

What I really enjoy about group work within our class is that we usually tackle the project or problem as a whole team. In many other classes, group work is usually divided up into sections and each person does his or her own work and then doesn’t meet again until just before the project is due. It’s hardly considered group work. I’m not sure if this is because our class all works well with each other or it’s more of the nature of the projects themselves. I’m guessing it has a little more to do with our great class dynamic.


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