I am not a quitter

Our first project in web media 2 is to create a website related to food. The project is more of an exercise in how to put together a website from scratch and we don’t have real clients. We started from the very beginning with research and personas and have now reached the point of building the site. And cue fear.

I realized over the weekend that much of my fear of writing markup for HTML and CSS stems from my math anxiety (self-diagnosed). I have never been terribly good at math and I think there are many parallels between markup and math. They both require logical and practical thinking and the whole solution can quickly go awry if one small step is missed. But with those frustrations, hang-ups and hiccups, the victory of a proper solution is that much sweeter. I had almost reached my quitting threshold when that sweet victory came during class last week. I was troubleshooting and actually understanding what I was doing and why. I am not terribly comfortable in web media, but it’s when I push myself out of my comfort zone that I learn the most. So I will press on!


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