Web Media Wrap Up

Well, we are nearing the end of the semester and I made it through Web Media 1. And without any major breakdowns to boot! I’ve spoken all semester long about my fear of wed design and HTML/CSS. I can’t say that I’m entirely over it, but I certainly can tackle any of the exercises with much more confidence.

However, the last two chapter of the book were a little more difficult and a little more detailed in nature. These are the two that I’ve had the most trouble with and have caused the most frustration. Here was try #1: Yeah, not so pretty.

And here is try #2 with a few corrections and adjustments to my CSS. My disclaimer, as I’ve said before, I intentionally make the colors ugly and usually not too matching so I know which color controls what element.

Overall, I am most proud that I can read the chapters and understand just about all of the content. This time last year, anyone speaking about CSS or HTML would have rendered a deer-in-headlights expression from me. Here are a few more attempts at getting it right.

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