Forms on the web can be smooth and easy to get through, or they can make me never want to visit your site again. Chapter 19 in our InterAct book covered forms from start to finish. I was very pleased with the section on error messages within forms. I wish there was a way for everyone who has a role in creating forms on the web to read this. It is so important for the user experience to word the error message in a clear manner. There is nothing more frustrating than an error message that tells you nothing. “Your login name and/or password are incorrect.” Well, which one is not right? Are both wrong? “And/or” is rather confusing if telling me I made a mistake. Entering numbers in a form can be equally frustrating. If there is a specific format needed, please tell me.

Forms seem so simple, but there are a lot of elements to include when writing the HTML and CSS for forms. Here are a few screen shots of my forms. They are not pretty, I will certainly admit. But for the sake of education, it is good to admit mistakes and errors.

screen shot

screen shot

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