A table for web layout is like a 10-year-old prom dress

Chapter 18 in our InterAct book is all about tables and styling tables. One major point author Chris Mills stressed was that tables are only for tabular data, or data that would be best understood and/or read in a table form. Tables are in no way to be used for layout…that’s so very early ‘90s. I loved the comparison Chris made to a bad prom dress that you thought was so beautiful 10 years ago, but wouldn’t be caught dead in now. Yeah, tables for layout are like that.

screen shot of my Christmas list in a table

In playing around with HTML and CSS, this is what my table looks like. It’s just a few days after Thanksgiving ushering in the Christmas season, so I thought my Christmas list would make a great little table…and also give any of you shoppers some ideas for me. Kidding! I am just now coming to the point in the semester that I am actually proud of my ugly little table. I will admit in most of my coding exercises, I choose wildly ugly color combinations, mostly so I can follow what goes where. The colors I’ve chosen are a little rather close to each other limiting contrast and possibly causing limited accessibility for those who may be colorblind. This exercise is just for practice, but if I were designing for a highly public site, I would certainly choose a color scheme that had more contrast than what I’ve shown.


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