Back to Square One

Screen shot of some CSS play

Do you ever get to a point in a lesson or studies where you are mostly understanding the information? You mostly understand chapter 1 and 2, then move on to mostly understand chapter 3 and 4; but when you come to chapter 5, you realize you need to go back to chapter 1? That happened this week in web media. I mostly understand the information presented, but there are a few gaps where there is a little bit of cloudiness. So, I went back to square one for some refreshers. I spent most of my time on the W3Schools site and their tutorials are super helpful! I’ve admitted my fear of web media before and this week has been one giant act in facing it head on. Be watching for more web goodness to come. Fear not, I will tackle web media!

As a side note, I just searched “fear of the internet” and came across this article about 21st Century phobias. Interesting that the first three listed are media based.



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