It's not easy being green

Hug a tree - me at Mt. Rainier National Park

While Barry from Neenah Paper visited our class, we talked for a large portion about the environment and paper. A paper mill uses a lot of natural resources, like water and trees, so it is important for these mills to give back to the environment. There are also many businesses who make the environment a large part of their business model, if not their entire business model. As a designer, it is important to know when you can use certain green labels in various aspects of branding. And there are so many channels to follow. It is not as simple as slapping a FSC logo on a brochure and calling it a day. Thinking about not only the paper, but the ink and the facility both are produced in are just some of the beginning questions to ask when following green logo usage. In addition, a chain of command must be followed. If you change the paper or the ink, it changes the chain of command entirely. Or, if you are printing with a FSC certified printer, yet on non-recycled paper, you can still use certain green logos because of the facilities where the paper was made. So many options! These are important elements to know as a designer. Including a green logo that is not in line with the environmental chain of command could lead to a lot of trouble. It’s important to be environmentally conscious, but with that comes responsibility and making sure the green logo use is not abused.


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