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I love color. And not in the simple way that color is all around us and makes the world beautiful and all that Hallmark card type stuff. I really LOVE color. I salivate over deep purples and shiny golds. Images and patterns printed on pearlized paper makes me a little weak in the knees. So, when Barry Clough from Neenah Paper came to visit our class and speak with us about paper, it was Christmas in October!

Neenah Think Ink

Barry introduced our class to Neenah’s new Think Ink app for the iPhone. You can build a color palette on your phone from a photo or from a Dewey Color System personality attribute, then choose either their Classic Crest or Classic Linen paper and order color paper samples. All from the comfort of you iPhone. Barry talked about the question of “Who’s your who?” or knowing who you are designing for. He discussed paper mills not being the most technologically advanced field, yet designers want someone to speak to them in their own language. I think this new app (and website) is doing just that. We discussed in class that selecting a color from an image or nature and building a color palette around it tends to be in the creative process for many of us. This will fit right in.

[This post serves as a personal plug for my Christmas wish of an iPhone. Thank you.]

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