Have your cake and HTML, too!

Well, the day I have dreaded in my graphic design studies has come. I’m not gonna lie, HTML, CSS and coding scares me a little bit. Okay, a lot. Maybe because it seems very mathematical, scientific and logical and I don’t really consider myself to be very good in those areas. Although it scares me, I’m kind of excited to get into it. It’s sort of like being a parent: I do really want to have children someday, but the whole idea just really scares the heck out of me.

The first time I read chapter 10 in the InterAct Book, it all seemed slightly confusing and leading to more fear. In class today, we talked about marking up your world, looking at images and deciding if they needed an ordered list and unordered list. A row of buildings would be an ordered list for example. This visual was extremely helpful.

In doing some further research beyond our textbook, I learned that white space in coding is treated the same as if you were hitting the spacebar in typing. Beginning coders make the mistake of adding extra spaces between words to create a desired indentation, but the code doesn’t read it that way.

I also learned about codes containing presentational elements…and not to use these. Examples like font face and size or b for bold. These should all be set using CSS. In class we also talked about coding being like a layer cake. The structure or the cake is the HTML; the frosting is the presentation or the CSS; and the behavior is the scripting language, putting the whole cake together. I may not be certain about my coding abilities quite yet, but as long as I keep thinking about cake I will get through it.


Yum, cake!

Resource: http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/15-marking-up-textual-content-in-html/



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