What is wireframing anyway?

Prior to reading any of these articles, I had no idea what wire framing was. So, I read several of them just to familiarize myself with the topic. I could really wrap my brain around this Pwireframing approach, or making a paper mockup of a website with all the important information. After reading these articles, it makes sense to have a “dress rehearsal” or sorts for a website. As a dance teacher for many years, I would never dream of putting on a recital with 250 kids without a formal run-through prior to the performance. It is the same idea with a wireframe: a test run of links and the users feel for the site before putting all the detailed elements in the site.

The Pwireframing seemed somewhat ancient at first, using paper to make a mockup of a website? But as the author talked through the process and how each element of the website had to vie for space on the site, it became a discussion of what the most important elements were. I feel this is very beneficial to the site users because each element is being scrutinized for it’s relevance to the user. This would result in a better user experience overall. The idea of wireframing helps me feel more comfortable about designing a website. I’m very excited to learn all about creating websites from top to bottom, but I’m not going to lie, it sort of scares me. Knowing a little more about wireframing makes designing a site a little less intimidating.

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