Listen to the music

I’ve always known I was a visual learner. I can remember faces with a stalker-like ability (but in a good way!). Our web media class took an online learning style quiz and I found I have equal tendencies to aural learning as well. I don’t know why this surprised me, I guess I never thought of myself as an aural learner. However, I think this is something I’ve fostered over the years and don’t believe I was born with this ability. I’ve danced and taught dance for about 15 years and believe this is where I improved my aural abilities. To be successful in dancing and teaching, I had to pay much attention to small changes in the music, rhythm, beats and notes as well as lyrics so I could perform the movements. It is also my life’s goal to win big money on some sort of Name that Tune type show, but I digress….

It was interesting to see the styles my classmates had as well. There were quite a majority of visual learners (no surprise there), but also quite a bit of aural learners. That must be where the constant stream of music in the design lab gets its roots. In our class of 16, there was only one logical learner…we’re art students, not mathematicians.

Since taking the test, I’ve explored the idea of working and designing while listening to music. I used to believe listening to music while trying to do homework was distracting and that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. I always have music on when cleaning house, I can’t stand to drive in a car without music, I practically have a breakdown when I forget my MP3 player at the gym and find myself (on a regular basis) singing or dancing to gas station or elevator music. So why I thought music would be distracting while doing homework is beyond me. Any way I can help myself with productivity and homework management will help, so this week has been musical experiment. While working and listening to music, I find myself swaying to the music and my mouse moving to the rhythm. Sort of like a dance between me and the computer. And that is just about the best relationship I can have with my computer…design and me swaying and creating to sweet music.

If you are interested in finding your learning style, here is the site we used in class.


One thought on “Listen to the music

  1. Laura H. Winn says:

    I’m glad you learned you can work with music! I always have music on as well, so for years it seemed natural to listen to music while I study. After the quiz I experimented in reading without music – and it works! I comprehend much more in quiet than I can with music on. Funny that we’re opposites there!

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