To plan a journey, you must know the destination

There are many questions to answer before even beginning a print project. What is the project? Who will be printing it? What type of paper do you want to use? How many copies? What colors are you using? Print it in-house or commercially? How much will it cost? How long will it take to print? “From Design into Print” explores these exact questions.

Some of these questions seem to have obvious answers at first glance. But when the number of copies starts to increase or a deadline looms, the answers get more and more complicated. Each question has multiple possibilities creating a web of interdependent answers and solutions. With a little (well, okay, sometimes a lot) planning and knowing your project and capabilities, you can easily knock these questions out. Enter Art 361, better known to us graphic design students as Processes and Materials. These seemingly simple, yet ever complicating questions are exactly what our class will be exploring this semester.

This tiny aspect of the design world is one of the great things about design: choice. If every designer was forced to use the same type and color of paper, our world would look pretty boring. There are 16 students in this class and each one of us has the potential to be our own unique designer. None of us will ever have the exact same solution to a design…there are simply too many choices. While these choices make each designer unique, they can sometimes show the different between a good designer and a great designer.  Knowing what machine the final document will be printed on will help in planning the design and can save some career embarrassment and much stress in the final stages. I am looking forward to exploring all of these elements of design this semester.


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