On (Design) bullshit

We began exploring with grid design in project 5. I am somewhat familiar working with grid design, but it has been a few years since I used one. We were given content and asked to make a magazine spread of sorts. We were able to use our own images to accompany the article.

The article was Michael Bierut’s On (Design) Bullshit. His theory is that all designers must spin some form of bullshit to explain intuitive choices in design. I fully agree with this theory, and will go out on a limb and say there is an element of bullshit in almost all our daily lives. Any form of sales holds a large element of bullshit and I would argue this seeps out into any form of persuasion. Persuading your husband to purchase a new dishwasher, persuading your mom to stay out an hour past curfew, persuading your boss for time off…all bullshit. I’m not saying bullshit is bad; it certainly is an acquired skill to shoot the shit with the best of them.

My concept for project 5 came from what I consider the largest pile of bullshit out there: the job interview. Both parties offer a cleaned up version of themselves in hopes of getting a job or hiring a new employee. The questions, where we put a positive spin on just about every situation: “Junior, why did you leave your last job?” Truth: “The pay and benefits were terrible.” Bullshit answer: “I was seeking advancement within my career field.” And there’s always the famous “Tell me your weakness” question that millions of interview books will instruct you to flip to a positive. “My weakness is that I work too hard.” Bullshit!

I wanted my layout to have a slightly formal feeling because of the nature of the job interview. We dress up in our best suit and tie for an interview, when the reality is our suit only comes out on Christmas and maybe Easter. We polish up the rough edges in hopes that a company will see our true self in 20 minutes. It may not be lies, but it’s our cleaned up, dressed up, Easter Sunday version of the self, which would qualify as bullshit.


One thought on “On (Design) bullshit

  1. dad says:

    You are the expert on this subject!

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