envisioning information

Our final project for the semester was an information graphic poster. Prior to this assignment, I thought of information graphics how I thought of toilet paper, something that we need and use everyday, but I don’t want to spend my days making it. But once I did a little more research, I realized this seemingly boring subject can actually be interesting to design. And it’s everywhere. This project made me think more about designing for things like city planning and tourism. And with our world constantly growing, the need for this type of design will be more in demand. I am such a diehard advertising/branding lover, this project only made me realize I can find enjoyment in so many other types of design.

We were given very strict guidelines in this project including text, images, with footnote type references for both, and an article citation. And we had to use it. All. Of. It. Every bit of information we were given had to be in our design. We were also given a strict grid to work with as well.

I immediately began to think this project would be boring and the whole class would end up having pretty similar looking designs. Wrong! I was very impressed with the class and how different each of our designs looked. (My love for my classmates and their work may now be bordering on obsessive.) While we were all bound by the same guidelines, we all managed to come up with some interesting design solutions.

When I first began to lay out the text and images within the grid, I hated the grid. But once I told myself the grid was a guide to lead and direct, not a fence to chain in, the creative solutions opened. As I’ve always thought with writing, you have to know the “rules” to know when you can break them.


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