Sophomore Review: passed!

Until this point, even though my track was graphic design, I’ve been classified as pre-art. But as of last week, I’m officially in the graphic design program! Sophomore review consists of an installation of foundation work (10 pieces) and an interview in front of the entire art faculty. I was the second interview of the day and was happy to get it over early! We were asked questions about our work, our process for specific projects, why we wanted to be a graphic designer, contemporary inspirations, and other similar questions.

 The top piece with the mirrors was done in Drawing III as my final self-portrait. The “JK” ligatures were for typography. The montage was for Visual Literacy. The white piece was done for 3D Art. We used foam core board and were only able to utilize squares, triangles and rectangles for our design.

The 4 figures are 1-minute gesture drawings. Pioneer was my typography poster project. Bottom images were line art done in Visual Literacy. The tower was done in 3D with 1/8 inch dowel rods, string and glue, had to be at least 38 inches tall and be able to hold an 8-pound brick. On the pedestal is my book redesign and my color theory portfolio.


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