Ligature Color Exploration

In part 2 of project 2, we were instructed to explore color with our ligatures. The colors had to be complimentary and had to use the same two colors for negative and positive space but switched. So, the hard part of the assignment was just that…take two colors and two versions but make both equally as visually impressive. Easier said than done.

I must admit that I loved color theory. I know not everyone is in the same boat, but the emotions and feelings that go along with color can make statements on their own. Choosing a complimentary pair of colors was the first step. The second step was playing with saturation, value, tints, shades, and all those lovely lessons we learned in color theory.

I always enjoy seeing the work and process of my classmates (they are the best teachers and challenge me). Color choices that worked well for one ligature didn’t fare well for another, or was visually interesting for one ligature, but not the opposite space. We all spent some time on various websites exploring color options. I could spend hours exploring color schemes and combinations! It’s amazing how adding one additional hue to an existing scheme can change it so dramatically. I spent most of my time on this site as well as this one.

My final product was actually a happy accident (see previous post simple pleasures of design). I was typing in the numerical values to change the blue tone. I paused in the middle of typing and realized I really liked the dark value, sort of navy blue, that was on my screen. So thus it stayed. I could say that I planned out my strategic choice of that specific shade of blue, but after playing around with lighter tints of blue for about 45 minutes, but must confess it was just an accident. And sometimes that’s the greatest finished product!


2 thoughts on “Ligature Color Exploration

  1. “Accidents” are usually a result of our hard work and experimentation. I’m not sure if that qualifies them as accidents. 🙂 Often, during our work process for a project, we arrive at unforeseen results. You really did a great job!

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