Simple Pleasures

There are times (like this afternoon) when the creative juices just aren’t flowing. I feel restless, unconfident, lacking in skills and think that my classmates’ talents are light-years beyond my own. This post is for future creatively dry days. To read, and reread, and remind myself of the things I love about design. This list is not made up of the great ideals of design, but the small things that make me smile. It’s the artistic equivalent of finding out at the register the shirt you’ve already decided to buy is on sale.

Happy accidents. Great design solutions that just happen upon themselves. I didn’t plan for that solution…heck, I may not have even thought it that direction, yet somehow it just works. Love that!

The breakthrough. I don’t mean to get all Oprah here, but it’s that “ah” moment when you get an idea and run with it. Usually most fulfilling if it follows said creatively dry moment.

Learning a new shortcut/key command/trick that I know will save me HOURS worth of work in the future. I know this may not apply to everyone, but I’m a student. This is huge.

Experiencing other’s passion for design. Seeing someone else so passionate about design makes me more passionate about design. It’s like a yawn…but in a good way!

Reminding myself that not everyone is creative and artistic. I am surrounded daily by people who are creative and imaginative and produce images, pieces and ideas where there was nothing before; artists who make beautiful pieces of work that conjure emotion and discussion. I sometimes forget there are those in the world who lack this quality. Not everyone can paint, or sculpt, draw, or create, and that makes those of us who can unique.


One thought on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Elena Nikolaeva says:

    You’re right. Being around a group of people who are passionate about design, can be like a drug or stimulant. It keeps you on your toes, wanting to do more and work harder.

    You mentioned how not everyone is creative and artistic. I like the simple pleasure of being appreciated by people like that. Its nice when someone asks you for help with a project that needs a person with creative skills. Its also nice to feel that our artistic skills can be used to help people and to make someone’s day.

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