Environmental Lettering

Greed. What does it mean to you? Beyond wanting lots of money, it just means more, more, more. More stuff, more fame, more possessions, more to brag about, more than The Joneses. And at who’s cost?

For our first typography project, we were given a word and instructed to place the word (cut out of contact paper) in some environment. We could run the gamut of meaning and interpretation and our choice of environment. I thought about greed and what it really means. I wanted to think beyond money and riches.

My husband is quite the sports enthusiast, and frankly I’m not. I really have a dislike for most professional athletes, because as a professional, they are constantly thinking of only themselves. They are oftentimes not team players, and it is a rare moment when true sportsmanship is displayed. I will admit that not all professional athletes fall into this category, but my opinion is they are often the exception, not the rule. Athletes are constantly striving for the win, the bigger contract, the better team or franchises, the multimillion dollar endorsements, the fame, the appearance on MTV Cribs. More, more, more. Greed.

My husband has a collection of autographed basketballs. Money, fame, greed; basketball stars have got it all. This display shelf was the perfect location for my environmental lettering assignment. I must admit the multiple shadow cast from the light source was just a nice happy accident. (Don’t you love it when that happens?!) It goes rather well with the message of more.


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