Project 2

While perusing the used book store in search of books to redesign, I found When Wallflowers Dance. It had an interesting title, and the front cover was…well, less than interesting. I had not read this book, but did some research online as to what it was about as well as reading a few excerpts from the book itself.

hardcover redesign

For me, this project was the first time I really felt comfortable with the applications of the Adobe software. I certainly don’t know everything about the programs and still have much to learn, but for the first time, I felt like I could problem solve in an effective manner. I could figure out a solution when I got stuck instead of needing to ask others or view tutorials. I felt like I spent more time on design solutions than technical solutions. I had an easier time creating my vision and felt less frustration from not being able to bring my design to fruition.

paperback redesign

I was most proud of myself when I successfully printed on the Epson printer. My first draft from the Epson printed very dark and the colors were not close to my original design and inspiration. I adjusted color within my document as well as adjusted color on the printer to get a successful result. I was more than thrilled with myself and my problem solving skills using the printer. I sat down and figured it out on my own without the help of others or tutorials. A very nice “Ah” moment.  

Class critiques reflected a similar trend with my classmates. Critique for Project 2 was focused more on concept and feeling rather than technical issues of the programs. It really is hard to believe how far the class as a whole has come since the very first project.

I am pleased with the outcome of my book. Taking cues from the researched wedding inspiration and incorporating them into my designs resulted in a successful outcome. My end design has a similar feeling to my initial wedding research, and that is exactly what I was going for.


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