Project 1.3

Choosing new images for Project 1.3 was quite a challenge at the onset. Using the same text and new images, I wanted to move in a completely new direction from the images in Project 1.1. I felt somewhat limited because of my rather simple text choice. While I liked the straightforwardness in message and content of my type, it was also to some extent limiting in the directions I could take. I set out to find images that focused more on the “of any kind” while seeking employment, the sort of “I’ll do anything for a job” mentality.

I felt my previous images focused more on the “no pets” aspect of the type. I wanted to show images that somewhat reflected the state of our nation’s economy: being a slave to a job, bending over backwards for mere pocket change, carrying the weight of supporting yourself and/or family, a woman’s role in the current economy, feeling like a machine in the daily sameness and monotony of a job, just an overall feeling of being stuck in a dead-end job and lack of motivation.

My final image is different from the first image groupings I was working with. The first set of images featured a woman sitting in a nest with three golden eggs. I felt this depicted her sitting on her nest egg, waiting for her fortune to come. The background included falling coins, while the woman was in sort of a yoga/meditative pose. I was attempting to portray the woman worshiping the money and sort of praying to the money. However, in class discussions and critiques, my classmates did not see this message in my images whatsoever. They felt it looked like she had come into money and the money was raining down on her, like she had won the lottery. This was obviously not the message I was hoping to send to my viewers.

For the second grouping, I created two drafts for class critique. One lacked a strong message, but had successful composition. The other had a stronger message, but lacked a fluid composition. The challenge was to find a nice marriage of the two drafts to include success in composition and message.

I feel my final image has successfully explored the message I wanted to communicate. The woman carrying the giant coin, and somewhat struggling to do so, reflects the message I was hoping to convey. The image grouping is successful also because it represents a different message than in Project 1.1.

As with our first project, I continued to push myself to think beyond the obvious. I’ve found the more I feel out of my comfort zone, the more successful my designs. Coincidence? No. Innovative design requires out-of-the-box thinking. I’m not quite there yet, but moving in that direction.


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