Project 1.1

When we first began this project, the class was instructed to combine seemingly unrelated line art images to tell a story. My first attempts at creating a story resulted in extremely obvious combinations. I was following the instructions too literally.

I am often amazed at the levels of creativity I see in commercials, print ads, and logos. I marvel at the level of creativity and imagination of the designers and how they are able to come up with designs that are cutting edge and outside the box.

The first experience of completing so many thumbnails seemed daunting. My first 10 to 20 thumbnails basically put the obvious on paper. Once those images were on paper and out of my head, I was able to move beyond those images and produce less obvious combinations. Learning this important lesson in the first project will be to my advantage for the entire semester.

Moving beyond the obvious was my first obstacle in this project. I tend to live inside the box so to speak and sometimes enjoy the confines of the comfortable too much. However, this first project has shown me that I not only have the ability to think outside the box and the obvious, but can accomplish that very task.  My next step was embracing the randomness of my images. At first thought, I felt none of my images related to each other. With Frou Frou’s “Let Go” singing in my head, I welcomed the random, “’Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown.” I had to keep reassuring myself to think past the logical.

My final image is successful in relating two seemingly unrelated images. Because these images are quite dissimilar, this leads the viewer to create his own story. That story can be different from my story and can be a good element for discussion. The image is seen as somewhat risqué and slightly on the mischievous side. I am more than thrilled with those reactions to my image because it means I’ve moved out of my comfort zone and previous thinking.

With the inclusion of text in the next step of the project, again I was looking for the most obscure and odd classifieds, or at least an ad that spoke to me on some strange level. I was drawn to the simpler ads that went right to the message. This is how I chose my final type layout. I wanted the type and its layout to be as simple and straight to the point as the message.

The final image and type layout are successful because of their simplistic nature. I didn’t have a concrete story in mind when combining the line art image and the message of the text is simple enough to leave room for varying interpretations. I enjoy images and layouts that have the ability to generate multiple messages and meanings based on different viewers. I feel this was accomplished in the selection of my final image and text layout.


One thought on “Project 1.1

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