Ms. to Mrs.

About a month ago, Dawn Roush became Dawn Pfeiffer. Yes, folks, I got married! I am one of those girls who has been planning her wedding since she was 15. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was really everything I had dreamed of. I love the colors in nature, especially fall colors, so fall was the perfect inspiration for my wedding. How can you not be inspired by these colors?


Bridesmaid's bouquet

I have to brag a little on my florist. He has talented and a vision that is beyond most. He also happens to be a very dear friend’s father, so it was a pleasure for him to style my day!

Since I am a graphic design student, invitations were extremely important to me. The traditional pearl boarder and script typeface didn’t interest me. I wanted something fresh and modern, yet still had elements of nature and an organic feel. I contemplated designing my own invitations until I came across this invitation and knew it was perfect. It set the tone for my fall orchard theme.

The programs were a task I felt I could handle myself. My disclaimer is that I am only a graphic design student, so it’s not the most amazing work in the world, but it fit with my contemporary nature feel.


Here are a couple more photos my aunt took from the day.

IMG_2291 IMG_2284

This photo was taken by the AMAZINGLY talented Michigan photographer Nicole Cottom


Photography by Nicole Cottom


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